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companies and created 450 jobs in the city and making san francisco the solar capitol of california. when people were losing their homes here in san francisco in call, there is plenty of talk and discussion about what to do, we commissioned the first report of its kind to make sure that there were facts behind the dialogue, and because of those facts that came out in our report, looking at foreclosures, finding fraud and finding inappropriate activities that happened by the lenders, action was taken and the home owner's bill of rights and i was proud to be one of the co-sponsors of the piece of legislation in the state. when people talk about fixing education, i first and foremost have that personal experience going into the public schools and going to uc berkeley and seeing my daughter attend a kindergarten every day. and i can tell you that there is no more important issue in our state than education and what we are doing. we need to make sure that it is a priority and it is getting funded and we can't continue to fund higher ed at the same level of that question was being funded and we
to accept and expend 2011 calhome grant for the california department of housing and community development in a total amount of 1 million 500 thousand dollars and to expend program income from associated loan repayments to assist the low-income first-time home buyers and low-income home owners. er >> yes, good morning, teresa, mayor's office of housing, the resolution is to accept and expend 1.5 million as calhome state financing, we'll be using the program to assist with home buyer's payment assistance as well as doing rehabilitation for owner occupied units, this is our fifth allocation of calhome founds, its's an example of how we're using state financing in a very successful way. >> on this item, do we have a budget analyst report? >> no, we don't. >> any question fwrs the committee, if not, let's go to public comment for this item? are there any members of the public who wish to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. okay, we have a motion by supervisor avalos, with recommendation we'll forward it, thank you, item 4 had. >> item number 4, resolution authorizing the
to an investigative reporter for the orange county register, a law firm that represents more than 120 california police unions created that play book. herrera argues it is telling to her that leaders denounced her today but didn't directly deny the existence of the play book. >> my issue with the union leadership and the -- i find it curious the mail piece they referred to they didn't deny its existence and didn't refute what it talks about. they simply continued their hatred attack against me. >> herrera is running for re-election in san jose's district 8. >>> new at 11:00, someone shot to death two people tonight in the east bay. it happened around 5:30 this evening in an unincorporated area near antioch and pittsburgh off of highway 4. when police arrived on the scene they say they found a man and woman suffering from gunshot wounds. the man was pronounced dead at the scene and the woman died at the hospital. police say they have no motive for the shooting or any suspects at this time. >>> we have new information tonight about the fire at the chevron refinery in richmond last month. the corro
of california which i am a proud graduate off. we have been able to grow the tech industry thanks to uc berkeley, and the bio tech thanks to uc sf and san diego. and we need to continue to invest in our future and investing in education and investing in uc, and making sure that those intaoutions are protected. i think that government needs to step out by making sure that we are not being overly burdensome. i think that we make the citizen and businesses go to too many places at times. i think that there is a significant amount of bureaucracy that could be cut. >> you mentioned that education is one of the things that government has to be responsible for. >> california used to have a education system that was the envy of the system how do we get it back >> we get it back through funding it. from kindergarten to my time at uc berkeley, i just started dropping off my daughter at kindergarten this year and i am concerned about the state of public education. we fund our kids about $8,000 per pupil that feels like a lot of money, compare that to new york, new jersey, massachusetts, and you are talking
of the league of woman voters of california, and is a small business owner here in san francisco. she holds a degree in government, from claire mont college and a policy. >> good evening, everyone, candidates. >> good evening. >> this year we have two candidates for state assembly state 19, michael brior and phil tim. >> they will answer questions that you in the audience submit as well as the questions submitted to the league of women voters. in addition, the viewers from the senior center may submit questions on-line. the time keepers will hold up a yellow card to signify to the candidates that they have 15 seconds remaining and hold up a red card when it is time to stop. >> both have asked the supporters to be respectful of the candidate and the audience and to maintain the quiet during the forum, i also ask you to respect this commitment, please. >> you all have many important decision to make on november 6th, and today's forum will give you the opportunity to ask questions to help you make your decisions. now, let's begin. >> our first question is a very general... actually i want to s
for stepping up. [applause] oscar delatorre, the northern california carpenters regional council, thank you. laborers council. tim, thank you for being here. the film commission, patrick johnson, thank you for stepping up. an invaluable planning council that i will be working closely with as we move into the new health care challenges for our city and state and country, that is our hiv services planning council. gabriel ortega, thank you for stepping up. mark, thank you for being here. [applause] a very important commission, our immigrant rights commission, who is constantly challenged by the need to reform our immigration policies, but to make sure that when people try to vote this year that they will not be intimidated. we've got to work harder for the rest of the country. we can show the way here. i know the leadership will come from sonia. thank you for stepping up. our state has presented, and our country has presented, a challenge to us for our seniors and the need for long-term care. we're going to be working closely with the long term care coordinating council. thank you, tracy. [ap
california's mojave desert. >>> now here's a look at some other stories across america. in florida, dramatic video of a car plowing into a scrap metal business. luckily it happened in the middle of the night, so no one was around, except for the driver, who could be seen getting out of the car several minutes after the impact. >>> in california, it is finally home sweet home for space shuttle endeavor. we've sped up this video of what was a long, winding and two-mile-per-hour journey through the streets of l.a. this weekend. after soaring above the earth dozens of times, its final trek was 12 miles long from l.a. international airport to a museum where it will go on display later this month. >>> to new york, it's not as big as that shuttle, but this pumpkin is still pretty great, right? it's weighing in at 1,300 pounds it won a growing con local contest. and the grower says it's all thanks to hard work, no funny business. >>> a map discovered buried in the vault of a historical vote shows george washington's encampment at valley forge, pennsylvania, could have changed this country's history
, city hall, room 48, 1 dr. carlton be good lit place, sentences go, california, 94102. or 415-554-4375. visit our website, www.sfelections.org. >>> afternoon. i would like to call the meeting of the public utilities commission to order. madam secretary, call the roll. >> president moran. >> here. >> commissioner cane. >> may i say with apologies, wonderwoman went to the gym and totally messed up her knee. i'm here. >> glad you are. >> commissioner butor. >> present. >> commissioner torres and courtney are excused. >> we have the meetings from the september 25th meeting. any additions, corrections or a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all in favor. opposed. the item carries. public comments, this is the time for any members of the public who wants to address the commission about something under the commission's jurisdiction but is not on the calendar today. this would be the time for those public comments. do i not have any cards and don't see anybody who wants to speak. we will move on. communications, the advanced calendar and summary, commissioner, any
[ [ gavel ] >> when the new california academy of sciences opened in 2008, it quickly became one of the top tourist magnets in the city. part of the cal academies' astronomical success is the weekly nightlife party. >> i am joined by helen, who is here to school me on all the nocturnal activities that are getting ready to take place here. tell us a little about what we can expect to see at nightlife. >> we open up the doors every thursday night at the california academy of sciences. there are certain things you can see every week you can go to the museum, visit the planetarium, and we bring in bars and a deejay or band. it is a different feel from during the day, something different every week. tonight , we have beer and music. -- tonight we have great beer and music. it is beer week. we have a dozen local brewers in african hall. we have a deejays to set up throughout the museum and a live performance at 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> what has been your favorite part as a participant or as an observer? >> my favorite part is to walk around the aquarium in to see people with a drink in their hands,
meningitis. the latest in new hampshire but california has not reported any illness. however they did reportedly receive some of the tainted patchebatches. nw research showing that shots against cervical cancer cannot make pearls promiscuous. this study making -- girls promiscuous. not making them promiscuous. they were asked about having them sex but instead of looking at a sexual activity after vaccination. this based on the numbers of transmission of a h-p v and also, three ppretrial hearings. these are in guantanamo bay are closed to the public but military family members are able to watch it on closed circuit television. this will also be shown in paris in new jersey and maryland. it is expected to start today and and to tcontinue to the end of the week. turning-two decision 2010. president obama and mitt romney will turn out and be york city on a city town vhall and candy crowell will moderate. she is the first woman to moderate in over two decades. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uni
. >>> the controversy surrounding cell phone smuggling at california prisons has taken a new twist. according to a new report, 20 california prison employees accused of smuggling cell phones to inmates have either resigned or were fired. the report claims most of those employees were accused of smuggling the phones in exchange for cash. one inmate was caught with a phone that had a nude photo allegedly sent by a female guard. >>> 62-year-old jose molana died thursday after becoming trapped inside an industrial oven. we have no details on how he became trapped in there. >>> 7:10. a high-ranking port of oakland official is facing inappropriate charges. the inappropriate way he allegedly spent thousands of funds. >>> plus -- not as green as you think. why environment benefits for electric cars are limited. >>> well, lots of fog out there. but once it burns off, temperatures will start to warm up a little bit. hazy skies. temperatures, 60s, 70s and 80s. beautiful sunrise if you don't have the fog. >>> thank you, steve. 7:12. new this morning, tensions continue to build between turkey and syria. this morni
actually vote against raising their own taxes? what? shocking for california. we'll talk to the leader of california as republican party about that. a major japanese company buying sprint, a big deal here in the u.s., but culturally, interesting in japan. we'll talk about that with keith fitzgerald and don peebles, a prominent obama supporter will join us, what does he think the president will do tomorrow to rebound from two bad debates so far? let's hear from you, please. you can e-mail us, you know, varney@foxbusiness.com, here is how you join the company. seven early movers, watch out amazon and google. microsoft said the xbox music will be available for the game consoles starting tomorrow and microsoft is up 20 cents. and what some pharmaceuticals get the fda approval for generic drugs, not much. and we told you earlier, japan's soft bank is buying a majority in sprint, and sprint is up just 4 cents and the stock went up last week, actually when this was suggested. and the consol energy company expects to post, surprise, third quarter losses and down it goes. the publisher ganet sa
a challenge against california's landmark laws to regulate greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow. a judge strict down the 2006 law signed by governor stpheger that is aimed at cutting the -- governor schwarzenegger that is aimed at cutting carbon footprint fuels. the state has asked the court to reverse the lower court ruling. >>> our air outside fresh and damp thanks to the fog. >> you can see our air out there. >>> we like that high relative humidity, good for low fire danger that is quickly going to change in the next 24 hours, less fog, and less recovery overnight we're talking offshore flow. first things first. look at the fog across the bay into our inland east bay going to take time to clear, 9:00 inland east bay and san jose clear, through 10:00, 11:00 the rest of the bay clears high clouds for the north bay. take a look at visibility right now down to quarter of a mile in napa, half mile in novato up to santa rosa airport half mile visibility. you can count on delays within the next hour, mile and quarter half moon bay. further east concord 2 1/2 miles, livermore is okay, i expect that
days. all along dellman manor lane in the burbank district. >>> gas prices in california are still high. but they are coming down a bit. here's a look at the current average for a gallon of regular in our local metro areas. it's $4.56 in san jose. $4.60 in oakland and the highest is in san francisco, $4.64. gasbuddy.com says these prices are six to 11 cents less than they were just a week ago. and to find the cheapest gas prices in your area, check out the pump patrol on our website. cbssf.com. >>> no matter where you fill up in california, it's going to cost you and a cbs 5 reporter anne makovec explains the courts may decide where prices go next. >> reporter: when it comes to the gas price roller coaster, california is always riding high. >> i just think it's a ripoff. >> reporter: in some experts warn it could get worse because of increased environmental regulations. the state's low carbon fuel standard forces fuel producers to lower the carbon intensity of their gas 10% by 2020. they can do so by adding biofuels like ethanol made from corn, grass or woody plants but supplies are tig
. the shuttle ended its journey at the california science center about 17 hours late. it left l.a.x. back on friday. averaging just about two-miles- an-hour through the streets of l. a. about 400 trees had to be removed along the route to make room for the shuttle. thousands of people came to watch the shuttle's progress throughout the weekend. the mayor says he is jubilant that the trip is over. >> nothing like this has ever been attempted before and nothing like this will ever be attempted again. this is a once in a lifetime event. >> reporter: the east bay company serin led the logistics from making the move. >>> and the one thing on felix baumgartner's mind when he plummeted to earth at more than 800 miles per hour. >>> and an investigation is under way after a fire show injured more than 100 people in china. >>> clouds are moving into the bay area right now. but the weather pattern is about to change. coming up at 10:37 how much warming you can expect for your monday and when 90s return in our local forecast. >>> austrian sky diver felix baumgartner made the highest sky dive in hist
the right to go to the pacific. calling for a state of south california. would the south secede if its demands weren't met? would the federal government fight back? nobody knew. could northerners be made to stem the flow of fugitive slaves? those weren't academic questions that were tearing the country apart in congress, and the senate, 15 free states matched evenly against 15 slave states, giving the south virtual veto power over any legislation that even remotely seemed to threaten slavery. california, californians, 200,000, people fled to california during the gold rush. very quickly they demand admission to the union, as a free state. which will tip the balance in the senate. abolitionists are battling slavery advocates over the expansion of slavery elsewhere in texas, and is the most likely ignition point, is claiming the entire vast new mexico territory, which is far vaster than the present-day state of new mexico, and threatening to carry slavery across it at gunpoint if necessary, raising troops to do so. and the civil war had begun in 1850, it wouldn't have been in charleston
. california on the vergef financial ruin will offer up private pension plan. by the state cannot get its act together. >> the steadies point* witty will give another 200 -- 29 of a $2,000. >> the doughnut hole with $600 more. the bush tax cuts, 800 million -- billion -dollar. >> 1.7 -- 1.6 trillion dollarsof wealth loss. gerri: numbers confusion. joe biden could not get his facts straight. the truth behind his outrageous claims. ♪ [ male announcer ] how doou make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billio of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. gerri: when it comes to the fact that matter the most the jobs market debt and deficit in his easy to of this gate and we saw lot of that last night with the vice-presidential debate. i want to set the record straight. vice president biden use the word fact 26 times the hard pressed to deliver any. over tax policy biden: the only way to find $5 trillion of loopholes is
complete. >>> gas prices in california are still high, but they are coming down a bit. here's a look at the court average. it's 4-point -- current average. 4.56 in san jose. gas buddy says these are 5 cents cheaper than a week ago. >> no matter where you fill up, it is going to cost you. the courts may decide where fuel prices go next. >> reporter: when it comes to the gas price roller coaster california is always riding high. >> i just think it's a rip-off. >> experts warn it could get worse. the state's low carbon fuel standard forces fewer producers to lower the carbon intensity ten% by 2020. >> they can do so by adding ethanol, but supplies are tight, which would make it more expensive to produce. >> oil is actually cheap. >> reporter: he studies biofuel feasibility. >> you have to break that down and that's a far more complicated energy intensive process to essentially get to the ultimate product that you want. >> reporter: which would produce more carbon and make it more expensive. >> last year a judge blocked the new standard for california gas saying it interferes with inters
the space shuttle endeavour's final home in southern california, when we return. >>> here's this morning's tech bites. >>> the push is on for windows 8 microsoft running television commercials you can already preorder the new operating system, available on the 26th, along with the new tablet. kindle customers may be getting a refund result of settlement between three book publishers and state attorneys general over,-book pricing. first courts have to approve. -- -- e-book pricing. first courts have to approve. >>> they got good voice actors, graphics that capture that victorian england feel and the plots of sherlock holmes feels like you could read them in a story. >> the game is available for windows as well as other >>> i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco. on our way to a nice day near 70 sunny skies if the city, low to mid 80s inland, 78 san jose, 80 santa rosa felt like fall over much of the nation only 57 in chicago today, tomorrow 70s along the eastern seaboard. >>> this is amazing. daredevil skydiver plans to spend the next few days relaxing after a supersonic death defying jump. tha
of murder in hercules will be extradited to california. darnell antonia washington were arrested near seattle. they are wanted in southern california on charges that include a prison escape and shooting at a deputy when arrested the kim was driving the stolen car owned by susie ko the retired teacher from hercules found murdered in her home october 5th. >>> right now a judge is holding a closed hearing to determine if a teen charged with attempted murder and stealing a lamb gain any will stand trial. max wade is charged with several felony counts. he stole the lamborghini to impress a girl then shot at her and boyfriend after she rejected him. >>> port of oakland commissioner are meeting tonight to consider legal action against one of their own officials accused of spending thousands of public money at a strip club. the board says an audit shows a port official spent $4500 at a houston strip club in 2008. the board didn't discover where the money was spent until earlier this year. the commissioners met friday and will resume this evening. >>> stanford university is basking in the glow
if a couple suspected of murder in hercules will be extradited to california. darnell antonia washington were arrested near seattle. they are wanted in southern california on charges that include a prison escape and shooting at a deputy when arrested the kim was driving the stolen car owned by susie ko the retired teacher from hercules found murdered in her home october 5th. >>> right now a judge is holding a closed hearing to determine if a teen charged with attempted murder and stealing a lamb gain any will stand trial. max wade is charged with several felony counts. he stole the lamborghini to impress a girl then shot at her and boyfriend after she rejected him. >>> port of oakland commissioner are meeting tonight to consider legal action against one of their own officials accused of spending thousands of public money at a strip club. the board says an audit shows a port official spent $4500 at a houston strip club in 2008. the board didn't discover where the money was spent until earlier this year. the commissioners met friday and will resume this evening. >>> stanford university is baski
california's debt penalty. we now take a closer look at proposition 34. >> the death penalty in california goes beyond repair. >> quintin, home to the world's largest death row criminals. many have been there for decades, exhausting every lengthy appeal to stay alive. since the death penalty was reinstated in california in 1978, only 14 have been executed. critics say the long, extensive wait means the system is not working, and it is time to get rid of it through proposition 34. a former war done over saw -- wardon over saw four executions. >> at the end they say are we really safer because of what we did? we never answered that question. we knew that answer was no. >> if the death penalty is repealed, the harshest sentence murderers can get is life in prison with no possibility of ever getting out. the sentences of current condemned inmates would be switched to life terms. this debate is not easy for families who have lost loved ones to heinous crimes. some say the death penalty is necessary for justice, and others don't want it. >> it is extremely painful. >> reporter: former nfl player
in this june. >>> and space shuttle endeavour is home after the 12-mile trek through l.a. to the california science center. take a look. welcome ceremony. "it was really cool and this my first time seeing it. .." tranporting the shuttle acrs l-a racked up a price tag of $10-million dollars which will be paid y the science center and prive donations. on october 30- th endeavour will be open to te public for an out of this wd experience. time is 4-- here's lawrence with a check of weather. former senator arlen spectef pennsylvania has died of ca. >>> look like just partly cloudy skies in the valley now, temperatures at 56 degrees in concord, 56 in san francisco and san jose 54 degrees. we had a weak system moving over, leaving us with a couple high clouds and most of the rain will be eureka northward. high pressure is going to set itself up. today not bad, some 80s in the valleys, a lot of 60s and 70s out near the bay, getting even warmer with 90s coming up as well. let's look at traffic. >>> we have a lot of fog to deal with. if you're about the hit the monday morning drive, you can see this
small number of new buildings every year. we have the california, and in august, 2009, it ratchets up a lot. we have standards for the ordinance. we do not have a whole lot of stuff that addresses 90% of the city's existing building stop. >> as for practicality in meeting safety standards, they are all necessary to address performance of existing building sites. >> barry, by the way, is running the new task force on what should we do about existing couldn't marshal -- commercial buildings, and how do we increase efficiency. >> energy first, but also water if this and say an overall resource deficience a -- deficiency. major consideration. >> with commercial stuff, there is a big stuff to look up residential features, and those include a wide range of things, some of which are already covered. but if i can read through a list of handouts, what are the other laws that apply to existing new buildings, and what is covered, so you do not think it is just green buildings covering everything? so, for example, and this must be tangential, but regulations have been required in the building cod
endeavour has finally reached its new los angeles home. the spacecraft arrived at the california science center just after 2:00 this afternoon. it was supposed the arrive around 9:00 last night but endeavour was delayed navigating around utility poles and street lights and trees. despite the trip even the youngest fans were still captivated. >> i said to mommy can we go to the space shuttle tomorrow? and she said yes. and why i want to go here is because it's my first time to see one. >> and it's estimated one million people lined the shuttle's route from l. a. x. to the science center. endeavour will now be on permanent display to help inspire new generation of astronauts. >>> they've been easing back slowly over the past several days but still about $4.55 per gallon is taking a toll on us. where will prices go from here. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec explains the issue may be decided in court. >> reporter: when it comes to the gas price roller coaster, california is always riding high. >> i just think it's a ripoff. >> reporter: in some cases, experts warn it could get worse because of i
traveling archeology exhibit was awarded the california, preserve vasing foundation, 2012 award. it is quite an honor to receive that award. there were only four awards given for the entire state of california. you had a jury of architecture, engineering and planning and history along with critics from the media, who based the selection on the secretary of interior standards and those have been guiding juries for the past 29 years. and so, later on this month, our own sals, will be traveling down to los angeles to pick up our award. this award as you know is for our archaeological exhibit and it is being shown at ac transit headquarters and back to san francisco for city hall centennial celebration. on to our work with the san francisco unified school district. as you know we have been working with all of our 28 union and some of our guys are here today. as well as all of our contractors, web core particular, to rereach out to our youth, provide education opportunities, and donation and so forth. and i want to say that web core deserves a great deal of recognition because they have been doin
and of san francisco and the bay area and california broadly. (applause) >> you know, it's an honor to get up here and represent my boss, secretary kathleen sebelius and be like brandt colfax, another round of applause for dr. colfax, please. (applause) >> to have a reinvest and recovery act, our stimulus law with the leadership of leader pelosi, of our mayor, of our supervisors, and our community to have $9-1/2 million given to this city and to this area for this. but not just for this, but everybody's already setting this this morning, the local impact, the state impact, the national impact, and indeed the international impact. and i represent a region that is 50 million people. california, arizona, nevada, hawaii, it's a three territories and three countries in the pacific. and i could tell you that i have moved around my region. i've been working with the hiv/aids and other communities throughout our region. do you know how many people have said to me, i got my information through san francisco? (applause) >> that is something to be really proud of. you know, i'll tell you a little bit of
is finally home after going through l.a. over the weekend to the california science center. after that crawl tested buildings, traffic and poles, it didn't dampen the spirits at its welcome ceremony. >> it was really cool. this is my first time seeing it . >> october 30th it will be open to the public but i think everyone's seen it. >>> 5:10 now. the ipad mini rumors are heating up. specs and possible pricing for the device, coming up. >>> plus the peanut butter recall expand. >> and how felix baumgartner cheated death. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, back to earth. and set a world record in sky diving: "clapping 2secs" 43-year-old felix baumgartnr took off in a hot air ballon yesterday in new mexico. he went up 24- miles for the jump. there was trouble: he went into a potentially catastrophic flat spin... be did regain control. baumgarr is the first man to break te sound barrier. he says the experience was humbling. "(sot) (felix from presser)i never anticipated it to be o tough.. sometimes you have o up really high to understanw small you are." the free-fall took less than minutes. fearless felix re
in california. and especially for female youth. so, the city's african-american female youth account for over 40% of drug felony arrests for african-american female youth in california, 40%, and have a arrest rates 50 times higher than their counterparts in other counties. now, why that should be is really an issue for the public safety committee, but i would argue also for this committee since educational barriers also contribute to those kinds of trends. you'll know about the school-prison pipeline. other things to consider in terms of, you want solutions based in this hearing, so i just wanted to mention a hearing that cjcj participates in we provide to juveniles in san francisco as well. the san francisco public defenders office has a legal education advocacy program, leap, which cjcj partners with that provides legal advocacy for juvenile justices, juveniles in school hearings, school board disciplinary hearings. they've had a lot of success getting students back into public school. i know that is a huge barrier. if your justice involved, getting reinvolved in public school is a huge barrie
. >> space shuttle endeavour finally rolled in yesterday 17 hours tardy to the california science center. >> it took more than two days to inch across miles of road and it was quite the journey. >> reporter: it was, fashionably late, now sitting here in all its glory. you can see crews working to secure it, working on the fourth side of the hangar. it will soon be completely enclosed. the shuttle is looking comfortable here now but getting it here over the weekend was quite the ordeal. crowds cheered as the spacecraft faced delay after delay. the shuttle halted when the aircraft carrying it slowed during last minute maneuvers to avoid trees and utility poles. dozen os onlookers were treated for heat related injuries but there were no arrests. when the shuttle pulled up yesterday, more than 17 hours late, officials say even with the delays they believe the move will fall within the projected $10 million budget. while it may have moved slowly, it did so safely. >> vehicle got here without a scratch. i promised commander mark kelly, he said at the title transfer ceremony, please don't scrat
the latest is in new hampshire. california has yet to report any illnesses from this outbreak which is linked to sarah chocks for back pain. if there originated at a specialty formallpharmacy in massachusetts. a study says that a shot for a speedy does not make for young women promiscuous. they love that the records whether the girls had sought for control of vicdevices. very few who got the shot at the ages of 11- 12 did not have any of those samples by the time the were 15. >> there is a tropical storm watch for the baja peninsula coastline. right now wins are about 75 m.p.h. that puts it right around the category one stage. about 565 mi. southeast of the peninsula. the national hurricane center expects the storm to began weakening into tomorrow dropping down to tropical storm levels. we are keeping an eye on that. >> we're also keeping an eye on our own weather looks like we are heading for an october heat wave. >> good morning good weather back in the forecast. some of our cooler spot specifically half moon bay climbed the low 80s by thursday. very pleasant conditions as before the bay ar
on your smart phone, so be connected any time, anywhere. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is goinr schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. . >>> time now 6:22, a baby deer is safe, they were called after a deer was spotted in the canal. two firefighters tried to grab it but the frightened deer resisted. after about an hour, the deer got tired and it was rescued. the deer checked out and guess what, they released it back into the wild. >>> and a boat crashed spilling hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel. the coast guard said the boat hit some roxanne one person was -- rocks and one person wa
at the funeral. >> she was living that dream california lifestyle. you talk about housewives of orange county. she could have been on the show. she wrapped him around her finger just like she wrap sod many men around her finger. >> she had it all, waterfront home, fancy cars, millionaire boyfriend, quite the life. until -- >> the shots were in sets of two. he saw his attacker. >> her lover gunned down. who wanted him dead? >> and annette would not have done it because there was no financial gain in her for this >> what about her secret friend, the former nfl linebacker? >> you laid to them, for one thing? >> i did. >> the mystery was unsolved. then came a prosecutor who took on big waves and cold cases. could he find the key to this one? >> this isn't just a motive, it's a motive on steroids. >> keith morrison with deadly trust. >>> welcome to "dateline" everyone, i'm lester holt. a gated community august glamorous setting where the wealthy residents he is could feel safe. but it was not safe for one millionaire, murdered in his waterfront house. police had suspects but the evidence was only
. he turned politics on its head as governor of california. and what does ar naeld want to hear from the candidates. >> how are they going to bring both of the parties together in compromise rather than getting stuck in the ideological corners. >> have you seen chelsea lately. >> nobody knows what the hell they're get nothing when they're running for president. >> one of my most unpredictable guests is back. >> i'm single. >> men watching -- >> i'm available. just, you know, call me maybe. >> funny, look for her talk show. this is "piers morgan tonight." >> arnold schwarzenegger's always been bigger than life. himself the governor of one of the biggest states in the union so when it came crashing down it happened in a big way. i first interviewed him in the early '90s. he's seen the end of his marriage and two terms of governor of california. he tells a story now in "total recall" and arnold joins me now. welcome. >> thank you. >> try to imagine what it must have been like to be for the last year. i saw you and maria a few days before the balloon went up on this whole scandal and you
were going through a lot of enter advantage with the high speed rail and california high speed rail on how to adapt the rail levels for their operations and so those changes were in process at that time and we have done a lot more work with both those operators and the other operators since that time. as well as worked with the design team, some peer review. and we wanted to bring you an update on all of those changes that have occurred over that time frame. >> so, as i mentioned, the time of the 50 percent construction documents we were incorporating the plans for the train box extension in phase two into the drawings and we have further refined the layout of the platforms, the upper image on the screen that you see, where we were at at that time. since that time, we moved the platforms to the northern side of the train box. and modified the shape of the train box slightly to eliminate some conflicts with existing development. but, we are going to be able to support cal train and high speed rails operations in this configuration. the rail concourse level actually has gone through e
harvard university and lloyd shapley from the university of california, los angeles. professor shapley developed a theory on so-called matching methods. professor alvin used shapley's theory to clarify market functions. the academy says the two economists have achieved outstanding economic engineering. >>> a former syrian opposition leader says the u.n. and arab league envoy may take a new approach to ending the civil war. burhan ghalioun says lakhdar brahimi wants to send in thousands of peacekeepers. government and opposition forces have been fighting for a year and a half. ghalioun said brahimi hopes to deploy at least 3,000 armed peacekeepers. 300 unarmed u.n. monitors were forced to leave the country in august. government and opposition forces are fighting for control of the northern city of aleppo and the central city of homs. human rights activists say more than 30,000 people have been killed in syria since the uprising began in march of last year. they say more than 300,000 have fled to neighboring countries. brahimi plans to visit damascus this week to present his proposal to
throughout california streets of san francisco and stockton trading centers are the biggest, and they tend to focus in san francisco on commercial construction and building related issues, documents been focused on small-commercial and residential, and you can get information about either of those on line. >> and you can find out about training, opportunities. they have them all there, all the time. there are many resources and a lot of information. >> usgbc.org is most centralized. and locally, to connect with professionalism, the northern california chapter. they put together class's brought to the bay area, and they are the most local and specific. you can find networking resources and great stuff through that website. >> there is a whole lot more to talk about, but it is 1:30. thank you for coming, and see you next month. thank you very much.
. >> [inaudible] there is legislation that has been introduced in the state of california called the california homemade food act. i am actually coordinating the campaign for it, and it would legalize the sale of certain home it but adams. come talk to me about it if you want to know more. >> that is great. we had a question in the front year earlier. >> [inaudible] >> great. the question is about the companies here in san francisco will be along with a working group or part of this because there are companies or other places that have satellite offices. anyone want to answer that question? >> i do not think we want to limit the voices that are part of the conversation. we need to think about it with a structure is it so we do not have a meeting upon meeting upon meeting, but how we get a lot of voices in, and maybe technology is an answer here. i am a big fan. >> [inaudible] i would love to hear from each one of you with the city could do in terms of regulation to help your businesses. we talked about the tax issue. what with each of you say is an issue the city could help with. >> i will star
. >> the space shuttle endeavour has finally reached its new home in california after a three-day journey across los angeles. it traveled just 19 kilometers. in that time, it will now be a permanent exhibit capitola california science center. the biggest obstacles on the journey turned out to be the trees and overhanging cables. the average speed when it was moving was just 3 kilometers per hour. it could actually reach 17,000 kilometers normally. you're watching gmt from bbc world news. these are the headlines. a 14-year-old schoolgirl sent by a taliban in northwest pakistan is under way to britain for medical treatment. a peace deal has been signed in the philippines in the hope of ending a long-running muslim insurgency. business news with aaron. another painful day for portugal. >> lisbon is bracing itself for street protests outside the parliament building today. thousands are expected to gather over the the 2013 budget. some of the hardest test measures ever introduced critics some of the harshest measures ever introduced by the portuguese government. they have to do this as part of the $1
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